Wood Briquette

The Wood Briquette is a caloric, natural, environment friendly and cheap fuel. It doesn't containt any foreign compounds. The natural lignine keeps the Briquette together. Due to its high density, low humidity our Briquette burns steadily and about 4 times longer than wood and therefore costs are reduced. What is more heating value is more than 16403 kJ/kg.

  • composition - 100% decidous wood, mainly oak,
  • without any chemical agents,
  • slight ash quantity (do 0,3%)*,
  • calorific value 16403 kJ/kg*,
  • moisture 6,2%*,
  • package - 25 kg/sack, 1 t (40 sacks)/palette

The Wood Briquette is suitable for: every furnances, fireplaces, ovens, stoves, open fires.




For further information please contact: sg@sg.com.pl.